Ideas & Motion

Enabling Smart Systems Development

It has a well-recognized position of excellence on some key areas, stemming from more than 240 years of combined experience on innovative projects and related automotive electronic products.

Business development grows along two lines: providing engineering services, both on HW and SW domains, to OEM and Tier1 companies in the automotive industry and being a supplier of smart control systems in niche applications with low volumes and high technological contents.

Our history

Ideas & Motion started operations in 2013. The Company originates from the intuition of a group of engineers who has succeeded in combining, over the last two decades, technical excellence and innovation with the development of worldwide successful automotive systems.

Our vision

The company intends to support and, where required, assist the customer in the design, development and realization of a smart system in automotive, transportation, e-mobility, e-vehicle, etc. applications domain.

Our mission

The Company provides a customized support for the Customer’s growth thanks to:

  • the development of customized smart systems, tailored to the Customer’s needs, to test, validate new ideas/algorithms and assess the technical feasibility;
  • the quick implementation from conceptual phase towards engineered solutions, relying on a proprietary flexible and modular HW/SW architecture.

A unique combination of engineering experience and skills, supported by a strong commitment to sustainability management.


Deep know-how about the specific needs of the mobility market.


HW/SW expertise (from system design to testing) devoted to Customer product development.


R&D and innovation expertise, proven by several success stories, for Customer future products.


Network of excellence.


Commitment to sustainability: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement.

The Ideas & Motion world

The ability to combine technical excellence and innovation in the development of electronic control systems, with some very clear goals: Research&Development, innovation transfer into products, access to the best in class technologies and strong committment to sustainability.

Quality & Sustainability


Technology partners

Networking & Cooperative R&D



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