Technology Partners

Technology partners

There is a long-lasting relationship between the core team of I&M and some key semiconductor suppliers: indeed the direct access to state-of-the-art technology in the field of microelectronics is fundamental in the design and development of advanced electronic control systems.

In particular the technical cooperation with INFINEON Technology and NXP Semiconductors covers multi-core microcontrollers, smart drivers, power devices and packaging solutions. As a result the interaction between experts in the field of semiconductors technology and automotive systems design provides an almost unique blend of skills which are necessary to keep the leading edge in the global competition.

Strategic partnership: Politecnico of Turin

A strategic cooperation between the Politecnico of Torino and I&M is established. It is essential to support the growth of I&M through:

  • a comprehensive coverage on research activities (HW/SW, mechatronics and automotive engineering);
  • access to talented young students
  • a joint lab, located in the Turin’s;
  • technological development area, for research activities on embedded systems, automated control systems and power electronics.