e-Mobility Motor Controller: increased power perfomances

Designed specifically with e-scooters, e-motorcycles, e-cargo bikes and small 4-wheel vehicles in mind, the first samples of I&M’s new IBMC (Integrated Body & Motor Controller), operating at 48V and capable of 200A continuous current and 600A peak current, are now available.

Motor Control cluster features:

– Operating voltage: 48V nominal (36V minimum, 52V maximum)

– Operating temperature: -20°C to 65°C ambient temperature

– Inverter output power: 11.2kVA continuos, 33.5 kVA peak

– Compliant to ODB-2 diagnostic standard

– Safety level compliancy up to MSIL D

– High accuracy closed-loop speed and torque control for permanent magnet synchronous motor (including transversal flux motor)

– Support of different control techniques including Field-Oriented-Control, Direct-Flux or Six-Step

– Full motor control parameters access to adjust torque mapping to any motor

– Full regeneration capability and support of recuperative breaking

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