Embedded Software

Automotive embedded systems development and validation become even more complex and the product life cycle is getting reduced: structured and standardized software platform and component based approach, is the solution to overcome these problems.
I&M team, thanks to its wide experience in the automotive embedded software design, offers proprietary or standard solutions tailored for your requirements.

AUTOSAR Software Architecture

I&M has a wide experience in AUTOSAR® software architecture management: in particular about AUTOSAR® stack configuration and Complex Device Driver design (according to customer specific requirements).

Best Software

I&M has a wide experience in the design of software architecture for automotive applications according to the most updated quality standard and software design processes.

I&M owns all the competencies in providing enhanced complete solutions or specific drivers for the Basic Software Layer, optimized for the target microcontroller in accordance with the customer‘s specific requirements.

Support Software Tool Development

I&M develops dedicated Windows® based application software, supporting the development process of embedded systems. In particular I&M creates software tools offering optimized GUIs for realtime communication and parameters monitoring, configuration and flashing process of an embedded control device (according to standard or customer specific protocol/requirement). Solutions for customized rapid prototyping can be provided as well.

Model Based Application Software Design

I&M supports and develops dedicated application software components/control algorithms using enhanced model based design techniques finalized to automatic code generation for automotive applications.


Infineon Aurix TC3xx – NXP S32K1xx – NXP MPC57xxx Basic Software Products

Complete AUTOSAR®-like Basic Software Architecture.


Complex Device Drivers

Complex Device Drivers according to customer‘s specific requirements, best quality standard and software design processes.


Customized Embedded Software

Basic Software Design, AUTOSAR® Stack configuration, Complex Device Drivers and Boot Loader development according to your requirements.