Internal Combustion Engine Drivetrain

I&M offers technical excellence and abilities in the development of advanced automotive control systems, with particular respect to the protection and exploitation of IPs, and providing support for innovation transfer into products.

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Intake/Exhaust Valve Lift and Timing Control

To achieve the cleanest and most efficient combustion process, a very precise air control is needed at every intake and/or exhaust valve of the engine. I&M team has been working actively in the development of ECUs to accurately control and dynamically adjust the engine valve lift and actuation timing, exploiting several technologies:

  • Electro-hydraulicc valve lift actuation
  • Adjustment of valve lift and phase by means of a control shaft, driven by e-motors or electro-pneumatic valves
  • Cylinder deactivation system

Exhaust Gas
Treatment Control

No matter how clean the combustion process is, exhaust gas shall anyway undergo a complex after treatment process to fulfil nowadays strict emission regulation requirements.

I&M has developed ECUs for after treatment control, to retrofit vehicles that were not designed to meet the latest emission limits and cannot be easily replaced: for instance, this is the case of some agricultural and in general off-road vehicles, for which a very long service life is expected.

Transmission Control

A proper management of the transmission is key to efficiently transfer torque and power from the internal combustion engine to the wheels, providing optimum performances while minimizing emissions.
Whatever kind of automatic transmission, I&M’s team can support you developing the automatic transmission control ECU. Previous experience in dual clutch, sequential and hydraulic transmissions control will enable a quick solution for your application.

Automotive and industrial, from 12V to 48V

I&M is actively developing Electronic Control Units for any kind of vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles, including also stationary applications and co-generation systems. No matter which is your vehicle electrical architecture, I&M can support you managing 12V, 24V and 48V power-nets.

The strong commitment of I&M in the e-Mobility will help you to optimally control your hybrid powertrain in HEV and PHEV applications as well.