ECU Prototyping

Your ideas come true with the support of I&M recognized excellence in transferring initial concept into reality.

We design and realize ECU prototypes fitting any specific needs

Do you need to experiment with new ideas? Do you need to quickly deploy an ECU to prove the feasibility of your system, or simply make it run for a demo? Or maybe do you have to evaluate different electronic components? Or a different solution for your circuit, and verify how it really interacts with your system?

I&M can quickly design, realize and provide you some ECU prototypes fitting your specific needs, to demonstrate the feasibility of your ideas, evaluate real performances, validate concepts…

I&M may offer you everything is needed, in terms of electronic HW and SW, to successfully validate your ideas!

ECU Prototype Realization

In addition to prototypes design, I&M offers to organize the procurement of components and to get the prototypes realized for you.

Based on a long standing, successful relationship with the automotive certified manufacturing partner MTE division of Westport Fuel System (BRC), I&M can supply you not only with ECU prototypes, but also with pre-series and/or series production volumes.

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