I&M can take care of the whole design flow, starting from requirement analysis, proceeding with the design and performing complete verification.

System C

I&M has a long history of digital/mixed ASIC development, including simulation models design, mainly using the SystemC standard language. I&M has experience in selecting the best trade-off between accuracy and efficiency for such models, leading to a reliable yet reasonably fast SW development platform.

Models Integration
and co-Simulation

I&M has experience in models integration, starting from simple connection to glue logic modelling, up to full-scale co-simulation. Co-simulation can include Python/Tcl scripts (using CORBA standards or commercial tools) or any simulations system compatible with VSI or FMI standards.

Electrical Simulations

I&M uses SPICE simulations at circuit and system level to guide the design and analysis processes. We can exploit real device measurements to build precise models to perform simulations.

Thermal and Fluid-Dynamic Simulations

I&M has experience in thermal and fluid-dynamic simulation to guide its designs both on PCBs or on more complex systems.