Poster Presentation at “EMC Europe 2023”

The result of the daily activities at I&M carried on by the “HW Development” Team in the design of common-mode filters for SiC Power Inverters led as aside result to the submission and acceptance of one poster presentation to “EMC Europe 2023”.

“Thermal Simulation and Optimization of a Common-Mode Filter for a SiC Inverter“


Maurizio Tranchero, Paolo Santero – Ideas&Motion s.r.l.

Georg von Pfingsten, Mika Nuotio – Rheinmetall AG

Tuesday, September 5th 2023, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, Poster Session 1 (PS-01), Room I (1st floor), Conference Center of Cubus Hotel – Krakow

Join Us at “EMC Europe 2023″… we will be glad to discuss our activities results with all of you!