PF projects: co-operation and network of excellence 

I&M active participation in research co-operations within the EU projects enables to always take benefit of the excellence for technological breakthrough and to be on the rising edge for innovation and advanced control system development to offer in the market.

E-Mobility is now one of the main priorities in Ideas&Motion application areas, where our skills and technologies could be successfully applied: because of this we are pleased to announce that 3 recently approved Horizon Europe framework programme projects include Ideas&Motion amongst the partner companies:

  • HiPE: a research initiative where I&M is requested to develop an innovative compact integrated, fault tolerant and cost effective GaN-based power electronic control system for high voltage ancillaries and chassis actuators;
  • EM-TECH: a research initiative to develop production-level components for the next-generation of electric axles (e-axles) and electric corners (e-corners). Out-board solutions based on high torque density in-wheel machines (IWMs) as well as on-board high power density alternatives using axial-flux electric motors (AFMs) are conceived to cover the widest range of e-motion architectures and most promising e-motor technologies;
  • A-IQ Ready: a research project to propose cutting-edge quantum sensing (like Investigation about quantum magnetic flux and gyro sensors to enable highest sensitivity and accuracy without any need for calibration, offering unmatched properties when used in combination with a magnetic field map), edge continuum orchestration of AI and distributed collaborative intelligence technologies.

The participation to EU programmes allows Ideas&Motion to be positioned as a key player for the innovation of smart products in the growing area of e-Mobility and R&D activities in the artificial intelligence domain.

Proud to be part in the freedom of innovation!