L1e-L6e Motor and Body Controller

48V – 7,1kVA boost Integrated Body-Motor Controller (IBMC)

The IBMC48V140A2 fills a market gap by offering a fully integrated motor – body control solution for 48V operated light electric vehicles (classes L1e-B – L6e).

It was designed specifically with e-mopeds, e-motorcycles, e-cargo bikes and small 4-wheel city cars in mind. It controls one or – thanks to its master-slave scalability – multiple motors. Both hub and central, motors are supported.

The integrated body module processes all input signals from switches, throttle and brake and controls motor, lights and the display.

The IBMC48V140A2 is offered in a standard version for LEVs with top speeds <= 45km/h and a high speed version for >45km/h with integrated “On Board Diagnostic” (OBD-2) support.

This unique integration significantly reduces cost, space and cable connections while increasing quality and reability compared with traditional multi ECU solutions

Motor support

Traction inverter for 3-phase electric motors having: DC-Link: 48V (nominal), DC-Link Range: 36V – 54V, Current: 115A (rms continuous), 140A (rms boost for 10sec), Power: 6,3kVA (continuous), 7,1kVA (boost); Power density: 10kVA/liter; Specific Power: 9kVA/Kg. Support for multiple motor types (eg.: PMSM, TFM, BLDC…). Full access motor control parameters and torque mapping.

Flexible support of position sensors and interfaces including digital Hall sensors and encoders. Support for motor temperature sensors.

Easy motor specific adaption independently of motor manufacturer. In case you do not have access to the detailed technical motor specification, I&M offers to characterize the motor for you on our in-house test bench.

High Efficiency Power Electronics and Motor Algorithms

Up to 98% efficiency. “Field Oriented Control“ (FOC) algorithm. Highest performance and maximum torque under all operating conditions and speeds with “Full Field Weakening“ and “Maximum Torque per Ampere“ (MTPA) support.

High energy efficiency due to recuperative breaking option. Minimum motor harmonics and torque ripple.

Additional functions

  • Master/slave configuration for multiple motor drive.
  • Diagnostic and safety functions.
  • System protection against over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature.
  • Controlled derating in case of system protection.
  • Vehicle management.
  • Body Motor Controller:
    • Dedicated outputs for lights, horn, and charging.
    • Inputs for switches, throttle and brake, sensors.
  • Range estimation (via BMS communication) and battery supervision.


A CAN 2.0 bus up to 1Mbit/s connects the IBMC to display, auxiliary devices and optionally more IBMC units in slave mode. The communication to BMS ensures adavanced range estimation and battery supervision features. The same CAN bus also serves as interface for SW updates, system monitoring and diagnostic checks (predisposition for UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services) protocol according to OBD-2 standard available).

Mechanical Design

IBMC48V140A2 mechanical housing has an aluminium base plate acting as a heatsink for the power electronic circuits, and shall be connected either to chassis or to an air cooler for proper functionality.

The mechanical housing has been designed to fulfil the following characteristics:

  • Weight: 780g
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 152x142x44mm
  • Grade: IP67

Customization Required?

In case the IBMC functionality meets your general requirements but your specific application needs some adaptions please contact us. Due to the modular design many modifications can me made quickly and with low effort. Options include e.g. changes of nominal operating voltage to 60V or 72V, adapted body features, modified motor control algorithms etc.

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