Basic Software

I&M Basic Software Layer

I&M provides a complete AUTOSAR®-like Basic Software Architecture, which can be used for any custom ECU, thanks to its high flexibility.

  • MCAL currently available for NXP S32K1xx, NXP MPC57xxx and Infineon Aurix 2G (TC3xxx) microcontrollers
  • Complete abstraction of the ECU HW, including peripheral devices and on board IC devices
  • Small footprint, high performance and optimal CPU load, thanks to highly efficient use of the microcontroller resources
  • Configurable by means of simple source code files (no external tool needed)
  • Usable with an AUTOSAR® RTE interface (ICC1 compliance)

All the drivers are provided with complete set of documentation, including: requirements, design, code coverage, static code analysis report and unit tests.

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