Product description

The MC33PT2000/1 are the result of the co-operation among Ideas & Motion, Robert BOSCH, and NXP Semiconductors in the field of Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) for powertrain applications and features.

  • Improved autonomous capabilities for e-actuator drives
  • Flexibility due to micro-engines architecture
  • State of the art SW development tools
  • Encryption for micro-code download over SPI
  • Proprietary control functions
  • Aggressive target cost

The MC33PT2000/1 are today the de-facto standard in the automotive domain for electro-actuators control, with annual volumes in excess of 12 M.

Target applications

MC33PT2000/1 have been designed to target following applications:

Injectors (diesel, gasoline, methane, LPG)

  • Precise current control
  • Custom diagnosis

DC Pumps

  • Stop point detection
  • Indirect temperature measure (through resistance)

DCDC converter, up to 250 kHz

  • Fast driver with 2-threshold control
  • Flexible control which takes into account other loads (e.g. injectors)

Oil valves

  • Precise average current control
  • On board dither amplitude calculation reduce SPI bandwidth

Air valves

  • Detection of opening/closing point
  • Multiple driving strategies selectable at runtime
  • Custom diagnosis to detect electrical and mechanical failures


  • Injector current control with mechanical open/close detection
  • Heater management

The MC33PT2000/1
are produced and sold by NXP Semiconductors

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with MC33PT2000/1

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