Sully CAN Gateway – Telemetry Modules

The Sully Gateway solution offers a TÜV approved retrofit solution to provide OBD2 functionality for all LEV with >45 km/h top speed. It will be customized by I&M via SW to all application specific motor controllers which communicate via a CAN bus. The Sully Gateway monitors the motor controller for OBD relevant errors, stores them and makes them available via the OBD2 standard.


  • Supervision of motor and motor controller temperature, throttle position, and battery voltage
  • Recording of error events in combination with mileage or total operation time
  • MIL (Mulfunction Indicator Light) driving in case of error event
  • Access to live motor RPM and throttle positions via OBD2 interface
  • Programming, generation and/or access to VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CVN (Calibration Version Number) and CALID (Calibration Identifier).


  • Supports multiple CAN standards (CAN FD, 2.0A/B) and protocols (including J1939, UDS, CCP)
  • RS232 communication line
  • Adaption to the specific motor controller CAN messages via SW by Ideas&Motion

Low power consumption

  • Flexible power supply from 8 to 48 VDC
  • Customizable low power modes and wake-up strategies


  • Weight: 180g
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 104x106x33mm
  • Grade: IP69

Customizable firmware

Possibility to implement custom protocols, functions, filtering strategies.

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