Data acquisition for every application

Variety of I/O modules for interfacing with every surrounding environment: analog/digital/frequency inputs, RS-232 serial communication, CAN bus, OneWire, Ethernet TCP/IP.

Possibility to acquire and combine data from different sources. Customisable decimation, conditioning and filtering strategies. Internal temporary storage.

Gateway mode

Configurable to route or translate data packets between different communication interfaces and/or protocols, locally or remotely.

Asset tracking

  • Real-time, multi-constellation based positioning
  • External antenna for maximum installation flexibility
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors for dead-reckoning support
  • Anti-theft and anti-tampering modes

Remote control

  • 2G/4G LTE communication
  • European or WorldWide bands support
  • eSIM support
  • Update/diagnostic of the module and of the host system
  • Small loads (led, relays) driving capability

Low power consumption

  • Flexible power supply from 8 to 58 V DC
  • Customisable low power modes and wake-up strategies
  • Internal backup battery


104x106x33 mm, 250g, IP66 rated.

Customisable firmware

Possibility to implement custom control strategies and communication protocols.

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