Pushing boundaries of Power Inverters

We are thrilled to share the exceptional performance of IBMC48V600A1, which has surpassed expectations in recent benchmark testing: in a series of rigorous evaluations conducted at our in-house laboratory, it consistently delivered phase peak currents of 1000A. A remarkable achievement for a 48V system with its compact size (250x115x44mm) and lightweight design (approximately 1100g).

This groundbreaking performance is attributed to the IBMC48V600A1‘s innovative design and cutting-edge technology, which enables it to deliver exceptional power density while maintaining efficiency and reliability. The system’s peak power density of 31.0kVA/liter is a testament to its ability to pack immense power into a compact form factor, making it an ideal solution for space-constrained applications.

Furthermore, the IBMC48V600A1‘s ability to sustain 1000A for approximately 10 seconds during a system stress test highlights its robust design and thermal management capabilities. This unwavering performance under demanding conditions underscores its suitability for mission-critical applications that require consistent and reliable power delivery.

The IBMC48V600A1‘s remarkable performance sets a new benchmark for 48V power conversion systems, demonstrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering innovativesolutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.