I&M provides engineering services, both on HW and SW domains,
to OEM and Tier1 companies in the automotive industry


HW/SW Design

  • Comprehensive HW design flow
    The company offers a complete support for custom hardware system design and development. It is able to lead internally the design process of the product, upon customer specifications, by means of advanced design tools (i.e. CAD/CAE) for simulation and electronic design of analog and digital circuits. We feel our experience would be particularly useful at the beginning of some new electronic control systems where requirements are still vague and several architectural options must be explored.
  • From prototypes to production runs
    Ideas & Motion leverages access to exclusive technologies and test facilities to support the development of advanced automotive systems through its local industrial partner (e.g. MTM/BRC). Hence it will be able to address the whole development process (HW/SW) for the requested cutting-edge applications, ranging from the design to realization of engineered prototypes up to limited production lots.
    See also Special Products.

IC Design

Smart driver for electro-actuators control: Ideas & Motion offers a remarkable support in the design of silicon integrated circuits for the control of electro-actuators, from the analysis of the requirements and the architectural exploration to the VHDL design. The validation phase could be sustained through the

realization of specific development boards, mainly based on FPGA and advanced microcontrollers. In particular Ideas & Motion has a profound know-how in the integration of smart drivers in automotive powertrain applications, thus covering the entire HW/SW spectrum.


Special Products

Ideas & Motion has the full capability, through its industrial partner (MTM S.r.l.), to access a state-of-the-art electronic assembly factory and then being able to develop their own products. A design methodology has been implemented in order to guarantee a seamless design flow from the electronic design, made at Ideas & Motion, down to the assembly and manufacturing of electronic systems at the factory.

Moreover Ideas & Motion relies on environmental test screening labs (e.g. humidity, temperature, vibration) and related reliability tests. Several systems have been designed and developed so far, covering different application domains: automotive (e.g. passenger cars and heavy duty), micro co-generation systems based on stationary methane combustion engine, air purification systems for industrial/domestic applications.