Customized e-Motor Control

Ideas & Motion designs traction inverters for your motor application

The pace of electrification for all types of vehicles is rapidly accelerating.
Depending on the type of vehicle, the application and the electric drive used, the requirements for voltage, power, thermal management, form factor, package, motor control algorithms and power electronics technology vary dramatically.

If you do not find the specific expertise for your project in-house or if your internal resources are not available to meet your time schedule, contact us.

I&M’s highly experienced engineering team will help you to identify the best technical and commercial solution for your specific project. I&M can offer you the complete HW and SW solution or only individual components.
We listen and discuss together with you the best approach to make your project an outstanding commercial success.

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Flexible Business Models

I&M understands that reliable technology, cost and time effectiveness are key when you want to transform your idea to a successful business model. We are committed to support customers of all sizes (from start-ups to globally acting enterprises) in this challenge.

Talk to us about your preferred business model. I&M can offer you the complete bandwidth from chip to system – HW and SW. You define which elements you would like I&M to provide for you. Also the integration of your own, differentiating IP is no problem.

Automotive Quality Manufacturing Option

I&M optionally offers to organize the procurement and manufacturing of your project for you.

Based on long standing, successful relationship with the automotive certified manufacturing partner Westport Electronics, I&M can supply you with prototypes, pre-series and/or series production volumes. I&M and Westport Electronics understand that also for small and mid size volumes, product cost needs to be competitive.
Therefore we have specialized to make small (100’s/a)to mid size (10.000’s/a) volumes commercially highly attractive.

Contact us for your project idea!

We promise to seriously evaluate your project idea and provide you with a fast, first feasibilty feedback – no matter how “special” your requirements may be. Challenge us!