Customized Embedded Software

Basic Software design

I&M supports the complete process to develop a customized software baseline based on specific customer requirements for different families of microcontrollers from different silicon manufacturer (eg.: Infineon, NXP, Renesas, ST Microelectronics, Microchip…).

Furthermore I&M already has “ready to go“ solutions for standard automotive microcontrollers.

AUTOSAR Stack Configuration

I&M has a well recognized experience and competency in configuring the AUTOSAR® stack (e.g.: Operating System, Memory, Communication, HW Abstraction Layer….) using different AUTOSAR®‘s manufacturer configuration tool (different microcontroller are supported from Infineon, NXP and Renesas).

Complex Device Drivers development

I&M develops Complex Device Drivers which allow you to make best use of specific microcontroller features which are not supported by the standard AUTOSAR® MCAL drivers.

Different microcontrollers from Infineon, NXP and Renesas are supported. The Complex Device Driver design can be integrated in an AUTOSAR® compliant stack. Software Drivers design for On-Board IC Devices is supported.

Bootloader development

I&M owns the competencies to integrate ad configure the AUTOSAR® standard bootloader or design a customized bootloader to implement your specific requirements during the microcontroller flashing process.

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