EOL Testing

End Of Line testing assesses not only the quality of the product, but also the stability and yield of the production process. Reliable detection of non-functional units is the primary objective of the test, but reducing the rejection rate and maximizing the output is the ultimate goal.

End of Line (EOL) testing is necessary for any product coming off the assembly line. Under the harsh conditions of the manufacturing environment, test systems must simulate all the relevant conditions, whilst at the same measure the responses of the equipment being tested. I&M’s functional and EOL testers offer a complete solution for your system, with standard and modular structure to be configured for any specific requirement able to give reliable and traceable test results.

  • Design and development of complete systems, including: hardware, software, instrumentation, panels/enclosures, and fixture
  • EOL and functional tester with standard, modular structure configurable for any specific requirements
  • Fully automated test execution
  • Traceable test results
  • Automated test report generation with troubleshoot hints in case of failure
  • High testing throughput
  • Hardware In the Loop (HIL) features
  • Personnel safety

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