Microcode Design

Given MC33PT2000/1 complexity and non-standard coding language, many companies refer to I&M to design the firmware needed by these ASICs. As a result I&M has ample experience in MC33PT2000/1 (and older device MC33816) microcode design, for a variety of automotive applications.

  • Being part of the ASICs design team, I&M has access to every detail of the ASIC behaviour/capabilities/limits.
  • Requirements are traced along all the design and testing flow.
  • I&M has access to the ASICs simulators and tracer, to ensure debug at multiple stages.
  • I&M has an internal laboratory, together with a large array of evaluation boards, where debug and testing can be performed.
  • MC33PT2000/1 series production code has been developed for the following companies:
    • Marelli (GDI/PFI injectors/pumps)
    • Schaeffler (UniAir/CamShifting)
    • CNH (transmission)
    • BRC (after-treatment)
  • Additionally, MC33PT2000/1 prototypal code has been developed for the following companies:
    • NXP Semiconductors (deep testing)
    • FCA (Stellantis) (Methane/Diesel/LPG)
    • AVL (GDI injectors)

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