I&M has a top level expertise regarding the NXP MC33PT2000/1 (and its derivates or older version MC33816) being the designer of the digital section of this family of devices.

NXP MC33PT2000/1

I&M team has delivered training regarding these devices and their use to most of the major users, including NXP Semiconductors, Robert BOSCH and Schaeffler.

I&M is the developer of the MC33PT2000/1 toolchain, for this reason the training includes introduction on compiler, simulator, and tracer as well.

I&M also has a huge expertise on all the MC33PT2000/1 applications (direct injection, valve control, transmission, etc…), allowing the training to be focused on the desired field of application.

Training Agenda

I&M developed a specific agenda to allow our clients to get the best out of the training. The learning process will be adapted according to customers’ needs, to perfectly suit their training objectives.


The MC33816 is produced and sold by NXP.
For more details, please, refer to the NXP product page

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The MC33PT2000/1 devices are produced and sold by NXP Semiconductor
For more details, please, refer to the NXP Semiconductor product page.

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